Game World Builder

I am looking to minimize costs prior to making money on Piece of One – (XBOX, PC, Mobile), but would like to pay well with incentive for game success. The game is accessible for demo of current build. The Game is an RPG and sailing(Piracy, trading etc.) simulator with faction dynamics in multiplayer.

There isn’t time for micromanagement, frankly it’s easier to do this in-house if that’s the case. Self-starters preferred and a good fit may lead to follow on work.

Work is best done in team create under a map only experience. Nothing will be posted in-game until It’s accepted and paid for.

Initial Offer:
Contract would be $50 Canadian Dollars upon completion and acceptance
Product must suit gameplay and provoke a positive player response.
Artistic freedom is granted to create a convincing game world
Paid assets are provided.
Additional assets must be licensed to my studio

$500 CDN paid out with 80% of game income; until paid if there is income. (Depends on Game Success)

Credits in game / portfolio use

A possible long term percentage and further contracts depending on game success.

Please PM me on discord to follow up.