Piece of One – Age of Pirates


Create your character, customize your ship, explore, craft and adventure.  Configured for cross platform play between XBOX, PC, and Mobile.

*Daily Updates and bug Fixes - Still in development.
*Build and Customize: A full Character customizer, a shipyard with configuration and a real time crafting system make for infinite possibilities.
*Explore and Craft: Discover hidden treasures, craft or loot unique weapons, and defeat your enemies.
*Complete Quests for special rewards
*Large Economy over many islands.
*Advanced NPC's including ship Captains
*4 Major Cities, +6 Island Communities and many islands.
*Community focused.

- Ship interior support.
- Ship Cargo Storage scales to it's capacity and is persistent
- Spawn at your last city, or the starting city if you die.
- Player Housing is persistent. Build a farm and harvest. +Secure Storage
- Cities now work based on faction standing.

Roblox Premium benefits:
+10% Experience and Gold