International Flavour at Your Wedding

You want to include both of your cultural backgrounds in your special day.  The decor and ceremony set the stage.  You want to bring the families together and introduce each side to the others' traditions.  What better way of achieving this than through your menu.

Family Style meal served for 150 guests

Lemongrass broth poured over a garnish of rice, herbs, and chicken

Cucumber and tomato, flavoured with olive oil, mint, and lemon juice

Mokhalafat - to compliment the meal
Nan, sabzi, feta, fresh herbs, and vegetables
Yogurt, dips, pickles, and relishes

Shirin Polow
Mound of sweet rice with candied orange peel, pistachios, and almond slivers

Slow roasted whole leg of lamb with pistachios

Dried fruit stuffed boneless Cornish game hen

Tomatoes and peppers filled with herbs, spices, rice and split peas


Grilled pineapple flavoured with sugar and brown sugar
Vanilla bean ice cream

 Served with Chai and coffee

 Indian food station Heather and Alex.jpg

 Moroccan buffet.JPG


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