Market Station Weddings

You and your fiance are "foodies" and you want to present your guests with tastes and experiences that are special to you.  Food stations are mini-meals that work together to create a flavourful and exciting focus to your wedding.  As guests travel to each station, they visit with each other and with both of you.

"Around the World" themed stations presented for 150 guests:

Passed canapes featured throughout the evening, themed along with the stations


Creamy garlic Yukon gold mashed potatoes served in a martini glass
An assortment of toppings presented for guests to garnish their "martini"

Platter of gravlax

Indian Market/Eastern

Butter chicken with steamed basmati rice
Dahl rissole

Mexican Food Stall

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 Spicy black bean and beef quesadilla
Fresh tomato salsa and chunky guacamole served with tortilla chips

Late Night Waterloo Farmer's Market Station

Deli meats and cheeses
Presented with condiments and sauces
Freshly cut vegetables with dips

Artisan breads

French Themed Finger Desserts and Coffee Station

 Mashed potato martini bar.jpg

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