Hors D'Oeuvres

Cold Hors D'Oeuvres

Snow Peas
Cream Cheese or Crabmeat or Chevre

Smoked Salmon
Hearts of Palm or Asparagus

Smoked Salmon Mousse
Bouchees or Dill Pancakes or Zucchini rounds

Cucumber Rounds
Caviar or smoked oysters or cream cheese

Stuffed Cherry tomatoes (seasonal)
Basil and garlic cream cheese or pasta al Pesto or Artichoke, Basil and garlic

Zucchini cups with
smoked salmon or almond and honey cream or pistachio cream

Proscuitto wrapped melon

Roast Beef wrapped pepper cream cheese

Belgium Endives with
chive cream and onion sprouts or brandied gorgonzola cream

Gougere Puffs with stilton and proscuitto

Chicken salad bouchees

Chicken chutney canapés

Double salmon canapés on pumpernickel rounds

Guacamole Canapés with bacon

Herbed cream cheese and pecan pinwheels

Parmesan shortbread with chevre cream

Gravlax on dill pancakes with mustard cream

Parmesan Palmier with eggplant dip

Herb&Roquefort Cigars

Fresh spring rolls with chili dip

Boccochini and Proscuitto with mustard mayonnaise

Salmon Tartar on croute

Thyme Crisps with sun dried tomato and garlic dip

Mustard ginger Shrimp Canapés

Smoked Salmon on Wild rice pancakes

Thai chicken on cumin bread

Coconut and cilantro shrimp

Polenta rounds with sour cream and Italian salami

Crab patties with chili pimento dip

Meat balls in cheese pastry

Beef croute with mustard mayonnaise

Cheese and bacon dip with caraway crackers

Olives in cheese pastry

Smoked salmon nori peaks

Individual vegetable and dip

Zucchini pinwheels

Wrap bites

Hot Hors D'Oeuvres

Stuffed Mushrooms with
Spinach & Pernod/ or Crabmeat/ or wild mushroom Duxelle/ or oriental style/ or Walnuts & Gruyere

Bacon wrapped
Water chestnuts/ or Chicken livers/ or smoked oysters/ or smoked mussels

Phyllo Triangles
Roquefort & Pistachio/or Spinach & Feta/or Rosemary & Proscuitto/ or Scallops & Mushrooms/ or Spicy marocon Lamb/ or curried spinach/ or vegetable and swiss cheese/ or curried chicken & Walnut/ or escargot & Garlic/ or Artichoke & Parmesan/ or Apple & Cheese

Pork & Apple/ or Chicken satay with peanut sauce/ or Hawain Chicken/ or Sesame Chicken/ or Lamb & Pancetta with mint pesto dip/ or Nutty Beef/ or Veal with tarragon sauce/ or Chicken with creamy garlic dip/ or assorted seasonal marinated vegetables/ or Cajun chicken/ or Beef with bearnaise sauce/ or Wild Boar and Bacon/ or Emu with sauce cumberland/ or assorted tortellini with lemon & parmesan dip/ or tandori chicken with cardamon yoghurt dip

Mini Pitas
Feta & Salsa/ or Creamy chicken & jalapeno/ or Spicy black bean

Mini Pizza
Tomato & Rosemary/ or Black olive & tomato/or Tomato,thyme & parmesan/ or Anchovies extra virgin olive oil and capers/ or smoked oysters & bacon/ or sun dried tomato & swiss cheese/ or escargot, Garlic & Gruyere/ or sun dried tomato & artichoke/ or roasted peppers & olives/ or pancetta & sage

Mini Quiche
smoked salmon & dill/ or Crab & onion/ or ham & gruyere/or chicken & leek/ or spinach & brie/ or zucchini & tarragon/or Asparagus & proscuitto/ or roquefort & thyme

Garlic, tomato & parmesan/ or wild mushroom, capers & french brie

Double cheese puffs

Scallop tarts


Pesto Foccacia

Assorted deep fried cream cheeses

Yogurt pastry pillows with brie and proscuitto

Cocktail spring rolls with plum sauce

Sea Scallops wrapped in basil & Proscuitto

Spicy deep fried chickpea fritters

Chicken Wonton with ginger dip

Aged Gouda on apple cinnamon wedge

Zucchini squash squares

Brie decadence on puff pastry

Ripe olives and herbed chevre toast

Asparagus, Roquefort & Pistachio rolls

Steamed pork dumplings with Asian dip

Duck wonton with cranberry dip

Chevre wonton with red pepper jelly

Scallops in puff pastry shells with saffron mayonnaise

Wild mushroom and pepper frittata

Zucchini, leek & feta frittata

Turkey & Yam Croquettes with cranberry dip

Mushroom turnovers

Garlic & potato cups with fresh sage

Vol-au-Vent Shells with
Curried crab/ or Thai Chicken/ or mexican style/ or chicken & asparagus

Spicy chicken parcels with satay sauce

Spicy Beef & caramelized onion tarts

Sesame veal turnovers

Cajun Shrimp

Thai chicken patties with sweet chili dip

Chunky potato Wedges with pesto dip

Petite Beef Wellingtons

Fresh Oysters with red pepper dressing (seasonal)

Mushroom topped polenta triangles

Pepper Camembert & bacon wonton

Crabmeat bouchees

Chicken & corn in pastry cup

Chicken & shallot spring roll with ginger dip

Cashew & basil tartlets

Sun dried tomato & black olive tartlets

Wild Mushroom tarts

Crispy almond calamari

Mussels on half shell with
Tomato & basil/ or/ roasted red peppers/ or roasted garlic mayonnaise/or hot & creamy salsa/ or green peppercorn & brandy

Crisp potato coin with
Lemon & chive cream/ or smoked salmon

Chicken & pimento in phyllo basket

Coconut shrimp with mango dip

Bacon cheese canapes

Almond crusted calamari

Pizza spirals

Red onion tart tatin

Miniature grilled cheese with chili dip

Pulled pork tarts