Afternoon Tea/Shower

Whether it is called High Tea or Afternoon Tea, this is an ideal way to honour the bride-to-be or welcome a new member of the family.  The following are just some suggestions to inspire your delicate Sunday afternoon reception.

Premium Afternoon Tea Sandwiches 

Trayed Sandwiches, featuring:
Walnut bread with date cream cheese
Cucumber and miniature sprouts with wasabi butter
Herbed chicken salad bouche
Ham gruyere and grainy Dijon finger sandwich
Egg salad pinwheel
Smoked turkey with orange cranberry cream cheese
Smoked salmon with three mustard cream cheese

$10.75 per person, based on 6 pieces per person, minimum order of 10 portions
Classic Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Trayed sandwiches, featuring:
Egg salad on miniature croissants
Tuna salad on whole wheat
Cucumber and cream cheese
Chicken breast and mango chutney butter
Smoked salmon on open-faced baguette

$7.35 per person, based on 6 pieces per person, minimum order of 10 portions
Sweet Table Suggestion

Bowl of sliced strawberries - seasonal item
not available from November to March fresh fruit salad will be substituted
Scones with double cream and preserves
Cranberry tea bread and banana loaf
Apple spice cake
Lemon tarts and raspberry tarts
Miniature eclairs
and miniature pastries

$8.99 per person, minimum order of 10 portions
Cheese and Fruit Board
Artful arrangement of imported and domestic cheeses, garnished with fresh fruit
Served with crackers
$8.50 per person, minim order of 10 portions
Savoury Smoked Salmon and Dill Cheesecake
Served with crackers
$39.55 for 6" cake (serves 20)
$54.25 for 9" cake (serves 35)
Pesto Cheese Torte
Served with crackers

$33.90 for 6" torte (serves 20)
$67.80 for 12" torte (serves 35)
Fresh Fruit Display
Featuring seasonal and tropical fruit

Small (serves 8-10), $39.50, medium (serves 10-12) $47.40, large (serves 12-15) $59.25

Prices are subject to HST and may change without notice.  All of the suggestions on this page are available for pick-up or delivery.  Delivery within Cambridge is $15, and within Kitchener-Waterloo is $20.